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  • The next-generation water tester designed for seamless water test experience. Professional measurements for conductivity (EC), TDS (ppm), salinity (ppt), resistivity, and temperature now become easier than ever.
  • Just connect the tester to your smartphone via Bluetooth in the ZenTest mobile App (Free download in iOS App Store/Google Play Store), the step-by-step smart guide will lead you to become a water test professional with just a few taps.
  • Save and share your measurement and calibration data right on the palm of your hand via email. Data will never get lost thanks to the cloud-based data system

ZenTest® EC60-Z Smart Conductivity/TDS Tester Kit

  • 1. Conductivity (EC) Range: 0 to 20.0 mS/cm; 0 to 20.0 mS/cm

    Accuracy:±1% F.S

    Calibration: 1 to 3 points Auto. Calibration

    2. TDS Range: 0 ppm to 10.0 ppt (10,000 ppm); 0 ppm to 10.0 ppt (10,000 ppm)

    TDS Factor: 0.4 tp 1.0

    3. Salinity Range: 0 to 10.0 ppt (10,000 ppm)

    4. Resistivity Range: 50Ω·cm to 20MΩ·cm

    5. Temperature Range: 0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)

    6. Application: General water solutions

    7. IP Rating: IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof

    8. Power Supply: DC3V AAA batteries *4

    9. Compatible Probes: EC60-DE

    10. Alarm Function: Yes (customizable in ZenTest App)

    11. Automatic Hold: Yes (5 to 20 seconds, customizable in ZenTest App)

    12. Calibration Reminder: Yes (by hours/days, customizable in ZenTest App)

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