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  • Adopting electrode method to test hardness, having the same accuracy as EDTA titration method, yet much more convenient
  • Patented 601-S 3-in-1 water hardness combination electrode: combines a measuring electrode, a reference electrode, and a temperature electrode all in one
  • Intelligent chip design produces stable potential, fast response rate, and convenient use;
  • 99 groups of data storage; automatic calibration and temperature compensation (ATC), auto-lock and power-off
  • Portable IP57 waterproof design equipped as a full kit with a rugged carrying case; suitable for both lab and field test

The Apera Instruments’ YD300 is designed for quick & accurate measurements of Water Hardness (the concentration of calcium ions Ca2+ and magnesium ions Mg2+)

YD300 Portable Water Hardness Meter Kit (CA2+ and MG2+)

  • Water Hardness

    • Measuring range: (0 ~ 10)mmol/L; (0 ~401)mg/L(Ca);(0 ~ 1000)mg/L(CaCO3);(0 ~ 100)ºfH(France Degree);(0 ~ 561)mg/L(CaO); (0 ~ 56)ºdH(German Degree);(0 ~ 20)mmol/L(Boiler);(0 ~ 70)ºeH (England Degree)。
    • Resolution: 0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
    • Accuracy: ±5% FS
    • Temp. compensation range:(5 - 50℃)(automatic)
    • Calibration Solution: B1 Calibration Solution — 2.00×10-2 mmol/L B2 Calibration Solution — 2.00×10-1mmol/L B3 Calibration Solution — 2.00 mmol/L

    Calibration Mode

    • (a) B1/B2 Calibration—using B1 and B2 Calibration Solution,suitable for <2.00×10-2 mmol/L low concentration water quality,for example, boiler water.
    • (b) B2/B3 Calibration—using B2 and B3 Calibration Solution,suitable for general water quality.
    • Temperature Measuring Range: 0-60℃ (32 – 140ºF)
    • Resolution: 0.1℃
    • Accuracy: ±0.5℃

    Other parameters

    • Data Storage: 99 groups
    • Content Storage: serial number of measuring value, measuring value, units, temperature and calibration way
    • Power: Two AA Batteries(1.5V×2)
    • Dimension and Weight
    • Quality and Safety Certificate: CE, RoHS

    Working conditions

    • Ambient Temperature: 5-35℃ (41-95ºF)
    • Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
    • IP Grade: IP57 Waterproof and Dustproof
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