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  • The Apera Instruments Salt20 Value Salinity Pocket Tester is simply the most reliable pocket salinity tester with the best value for all kinds of regular salinity testing, including tap water, agriculture, aquaculture, education, etc. Range: 0-10.0 ppt, Accuracy: ±1% F.S.
  • The BPB (Brush-Resistant Platinum Black) sensor adopts our special processing technology, which minimizes electrode polarization, expands measuring range, and increases the firmness of the electrode, hence ensuring a much higher accuracy and consistency in a wide-range salinity measurement than traditional stainless steel electrodes, and is easy to clean.
  • Large clear 180° viewing angle screen with temperature/salinity value dual display and indications of completed auto calibrations and stable readings. Great functions to make your testing experience a lot easier: 1-point auto calibration with auto buffer recognition, 0 to 50°C auto temp. compensation. Easy switch of salinity unit (ppt-g/L). Self-diagnosis with out-of-range and low battery warning, and incorrect calibration reminder.

Salt20 Value Pocket Conductivity Tester Kit

  • 1. Salinity Range: 0 to 10.00 ppt

    Resolution: 0.1 ppt

    Accuracy: ±1% F.S

    Calibration Points: Automatic 1 point

    Temperature Compensation: Auto Temperature Compensation 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122°F)

    2. Temp. Range: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

    Resolution: 0.1°C

    Accuracy: ±0.5°C

    3. LCD: 180° Viewing Angle LCD

    4. Stable Reading Indication: Smiley Face icon

    5. Low-Battery Warning: Battery icon flashing, reminder of battery replacement

    6. Self-Diagnosis: Yes

    7. Heads-Up Function: No

    8. Auto. Power-Off: Yes, auto power-off in 8 minutes without operation

    9. Waterproof Rating: IP67; Floatable

    10. Power: DC3V, AAA batteries*4

    11. Battery Life: Continuous operation up to 2000 hours

    12: Dimensions& Weight

    Tester: (40*31*178) mm/ 107g With case_(190*165*40) mm/ 438g

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