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Discover the next level of reliability, portability, and smart data management with our top-rated Smart PH60-Z tester, now paired with the Swiss LabSen 765 pH/temp. electrode. This powerful combination revolutionizes pH measurement in solid food samples like meats, frozen meats, fish, fruits, cheese, dough, etc. The electrode also works well in general water solutions. Elevate your pH measurement experience with our comprehensive test kit that leaves no detail unaddressed. This all-inclusive kit not only includes ready-to-use calibration buffer solutions (4.00/7.00/10.01) and soaking solution but also features the Apera CalPod Solution Organizer for optimizing your calibration process. All components are conveniently housed in a rugged carrying case, ensuring that you can effortlessly perform reliable pH measurements and calibrations wherever you go.

  • RELIABLE + SMART + PORTABLE –– The top-rated smart pH tester is now paired with the Swiss LabSen 765 blade spear pH electrode, allowing you to directly take lab-grade pH measurement in meats and other solid foods and manage data wherever you go.
  • SWISS SENSOR TECH –– The combination of open junction and polymer electrolyte eliminate the common issue of junction clogging and electrolyte immiscibility in high-protein and high-fat samples, ensuring quick and precise results.
  • TITANIUM ELECTRODE BODY –– The Food-grade Titanium electrode body is highly resistant to corrosion and impact, ideal for food processing environment.
  • SMART DATA MANAGEMENT –– Connect the meter to ZenTest Mobile App via Bluetooth to use the cloud-based data management functions; easily record, organize, and share all the measurement data with time stamps, geo-location, notes, and photos.
  • USER-FRIENDLY WORKFLOW –– The ZenTest Mobile App will automatically guide you through step by step to perform professional calibration, and allow you to fully customize all the parameter settings to meet your specific testing needs.

PH60Z-MT Smart pH Tester Kit for Fresh or Frozen Meats with LabSen 765

  • pH: 

    Range  -2.00 – 16.00 pH
    Resolution 0.01 pH
    Accuracy ±0.01 pH ±1 digit
    Temperature Compensation 0 to 100°C (Auto or Manual)


    Range       -1000 mV - 0 - 1000 mV        
    Resolution                                      1 mV
    Accuracy ±0.2% F.S


    Range 0 to 100°C (23 to 212°F)        
    Resolution                                       0.1°C
    Accuracy ±0.5°C ±1 digit

    Other Technical Specifications

    Calibration Auto. 1–3 points
    Buffer Recognition

    USA: pH 1.68, 4.00, 7.00,10.01, 12.45

    NIST: pH 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 9.18, 12.45

    Reading Alarm Yes
    Smart Controlling

    ZenTest Mobile App on iOS/iPadOS/


    Android via Bluetooth (10 meters)

    Data Logger

    Manual or Auto. data logger with

    unlimited data storage

    Data Content

    measurement values, date, time,

    GEO location, photo, linked asset,

    operator name, notes

    Data Output email, airdrop, or other SMS app
    Calibration Reminder Set up on ZenTest App
    Reading Auto. Hold


    Temperature Unit

    ˚C or ˚F

    Screen Back light

    3-color backlight with auto.

    power off: White – measurement mode
    Green – calibration mode
    Red – reading alarm

    Self-diagnosis Yes
    Power AAA Batteries * 4
    IP Rating IP67
    Dimensions& Weight

    Tester: 40×40×178mm/133g

    Case: 255×210×50mm/700g

    pH Electrode Technical Specs (LabSen 765) 

    Membrane Type S
    Housing Material Lead-free glass                                                  
    Temperature sensor 30KΩ NTC
    Junction Open
    Reference Electrode Long-Life
    Electrolyte Polymer
    Range 0 to 14 pH
    Temperature Range 0 to 80°C
    Connector 8-pin
  • We warrant this instrument to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agree to repair or replace free of charge, at the option of APERA INSTRUMENTS, LLC, any malfunctioned or damaged product attributable to the responsibility of APERA INSTRUMENTS, LLC for a period of TWO YEARS for the instrument and SIX MONTHS for the probe from the delivery.

    This limited warranty does NOT cover any issues due to:

    • Accidental damage
    • Improper use
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Transportation
    • Storage
    • Failure to follow the product instructions
    • Unauthorized maintenance, modifications, combination or use with any products, materials, processes, systems or other matter
    • Unauthorized repair
    • External causes such as accidents, abuse, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.
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