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  • The Apera Instruments EC20 tester is simply the most reliable conductivity (EC) tester with the best value for all kinds of regular EC testing, such as hydroponics, education, tap/drinking water, swimming pool, water treatment, etc. Up to 2 points of Auto Calibration with buffer recognition and 0 to 50˚C Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC), ±1% F.S, 0.5˚C accuracy with measuring range of 0-200.0 µS/cm, 0-2000 µS/cm, 0-20.00 mS/cm, 0-50.0˚C.
  • The BPB (Brush-Resistant Platinum Black) sensor adopts our special processing technology, which minimizes electrode polarization, expands measuring range, and increases the firmness of the electrode, hence ensuring a much higher accuracy and consistency in a wide-range EC measurement than traditional stainless steel electrodes, and is easy to clean.
  • Large clear 180˚ viewing angle screen with temp./EC value dual display and indications of completed auto calibrations and stable readings. Great functions to make your testing experience a lot easier: 3-point auto calibration with auto buffer recognition, 0 to 50˚C auto temp. compensation. Self-diagnosis with out-of-range and low battery warning, and incorrect calibration reminder.

EC20 Value Pocket Conductivity Tester Kit

  • 1. Conductivity Range: 0 to 200.0 μS/cm, 0 to 2000 μS/cm, 0 to 20.00 mS/cm

    Resolution: 0.1/1 μS/cm, 0.01 mS/cm

    Accuracy: ±1% F.S

    Calibration Points: Automatic 1 to 2 points

    TemperatureCompensation Auto Temperature Compensation: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

    2. Temp. Range: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

    Resolution: 0.1°C

    Accuracy: ±0.5°C

    3. LCD: 180° Viewing Angle LCD

    4. Stable Reading Indication: Smiley Face icon

    5. Low-Battery Warning: Battery icon flashing, reminder of battery replacement

    6. Self-Diagnosis: Yes

    7. Heads-Up Function: No

    8. Auto. Power-Off: Yes, auto power-off in 8 minutes without operation

    9. Waterproof Rating: IP67; Floatable

    10. Power: DC3V, AAA batteries*4

    11. Battery Life: Continuous operation up to 2000 hours

    12: Dimensions& Weight

    Tester: (40*31*178) mm/ 107g With case_(190*165*40) mm/ 438g

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