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Benchtop Testers

Apera Instruments 700 Series designed for reliable pH measurement of general water solutions for scientific research and quality control, are your first entry-level lab meters.

  • PH700

  • EC700

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The Apera Instruments 820 Series Precision Benchtop Meter Kits provides reliable fluid measurements with a variety of intelligent functions, and a durable structure.

  • PH820

  • EC820

  • PC820


The Apera Instruments 950 Series Benchtop meter kits are the Intelligent Choice for lab research and come with Apera TestBench that incorporates a flexible electrode holder, an intelligent stirrer, and buffer organizers altogether, streamlining the process of pH measurement and calibration.

  • PH950

  • EC950

  • PC950


The Apera Instruments MP511 Benchtop pH Meter is simply the most cost-effective laboratory benchtop pH meter of the 4th generation, providing Accurate Measurement, Quick Response, and Consistent Result thanks to the advanced digital filtering technology and high quality 3-in-1 combination pH electrode. It has three measuring modes for your specific measuring needs: stable measurement display mode, timing measuring mode, and continuous measuring mode.


Apera Instruments 800 Series Benchtop Meters are designed for providing reliable fluid measurements for general water solutions in scientific research and quality control. 

  • PH800

  • EC800

  • PC800

ph800 (6).jpg

Apera 910 Series Benchtop meter kits are designed for lab-grade measurement for general water solutions. It is rich in features including intuitive operating system, automatic calibration with guidance and self-diagnosis, data logger, and many more while retaining simplicity in use.

  • PH910

  • EC910

  • PC910


The Apera Instruments 9500 Series are research-grade benchtop meters that is designed for laboratory professionals, offering long-term reliability in high-accuracy fluid measurement. This series meters are rich in features including comprehensive GLP data logging, data export to printer or PC, calibration password protection, buffer organizers, self-diagnosis, i-Guidance, and many more while retaining simplicity in use.

  • PH9500

  • EC9500

  • PC9500

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